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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
  ATTENTION: Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians; ALL Americans

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American bloggers: We need your help.

Help us to clean up Washington DC!

Force the major party candidates to weigh in on the key issues in the Presidential debates that may not be very "comfortable" for them to discuss!

Take your Democratic, or Republican Party back from the greedy, self-serving politicians!

For third party Americans; have your candidate heard in the debates, and perhaps, even elected to the nation's highest office!

"The narrowness of the presidential debates, their scripted nature, is the source of their lack of vitality and credibility. Including significant independent and minor party candidates is a critical aspect of democratizing the debates and broadening our national dialogue. The American public has made it clear they want broadness and inclusion."

- Former Congressman Tim Penny

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Sunday, March 19, 2006
  Let's Get The Debate Going

Are you tired of hearing the same old talking points and distraction politics from todays career politicians? Does gay marriage really keep you up at night? Does the thought of a woman somewhere having an abortion really change the fabric of your daily life? Are you so incensed with TV's envelope pushing that you feel Congress needs to spend time studying the content of programming? Or would you rather put aside all of these partisan hot button issues and focus on the real travesties facing us today?

American Bloggers for Inclusive Debates is a group of political writers who are tired of nonsense being passed off as the burning crisis of the day. When you have real issues that need to be discussed openly and honestly...issues like ending the war in Iraq and making health care more affordable and restoring the checks and balances of our government...do you really want to let politicians decide what is or isn't important in this country? Or do you, the American Citizen, under whose name all government is disposed to act, do you want to set the real agenda? It is your right to do so. It is your duty to do so as well.

Welcome to American Bloggers for Inclusive Debates. As an initial goal, we'd like to develop a core list of issues that should dominate the public debates. Issues that are important to the people of this country, not just issues that are driven forward by corporations or special interest groups or politicians who need to change our focus. What are the things that worry you most? What problems would you like to see addressed and solved?

Making a list is only the first step though. Honestly, it's likely to be filled with issues that have been given time before, and between Democrats and Republicans, we've already heard what the party talking points say. That is where the "Inclusive" part of our name comes in. It's time to invite a few other voices to the table. Third party representatives and independent candidates like myself. It's time to hear some ideas that aren't pulled from the pages of the party playbooks. In some cases, a new way of thinking about things.

So toss out some debates you'd like to hear. Or bring up some current ones. We can debate them here or we can push for our topics to be addressed by candidates everywhere by spreading the word. And we can insist on including all candidates into local and national debates, if for no other reason than to force the major parties to look at things from another perspective or even (gasp) with a sense of honesty and without their usual cynacism. Let's get that list started.

So join the team who is calling for inclusive, effective, rational debates among all candidates. Join American Bloggers for Inclusinve Debates today.

-by Ken Grandlund
Sunday, February 12, 2006
Q. Are you a political party?

A. No.

Q. Who are you?

A. An extremely loose knit collection of Democrats, Republicans, independents, Greens, Reformers, etc.; "average Americans" in other words. Even more precicely, at this particular time, we are a quickly growing blogroll and you are more than welcome to join our blogroll now.

Q. What is your agenda?

A. We all have our individual and private agendas. But as a loosely knit alliance, our agenda as a group, is to simply to pressure the Democrats and Republicans to include 1, 2, or 3, or whatever the "magic number" may be, "outsiders" in their Presidential debates. We see that only a POSITIVE effect can ensue as a result of more voices, with more ideas, more solutions, more challenges being put forth in the current, exclusive, two party Presidential debates.

Q: Is anybody else doing this?

A: Yes, but not bloggers (so far). Check out other bipartisan efforts such as...

The Citizen Debate Commission -

* Open Debates *

We have made no official contact with these groups, but should our blogroll grow large enough, perhaps a time will come where we can propose joining forces with groups such as these to effect a positive change in the two party Presidential debates system; a change which will result in a more inclusive, or open system that will allow at least a small number of reasonably intelligent and popular third party candidates to participate and mount a fair challenge for the Presidency.


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  Who are we and why should YOU join ASAP?
Who we are:

We are frustrated, average Americans who post regularly on a blog. We are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, Reformers, and other third party supporters; political affiliation has no bearing upon one's acceptance for membership.

Some of us may simply be trying to send our beloved, Democratic and/or Republican Parties a crystal clear message to start representing we, who've elected them into power. Others members may belong to third parties and their interest may be to put their own party representatives into power; whatever each member's personal agenda for joining might be, it is no business of the alliance as a body.

Even though there is little chance of a third party candidate being elected to the nation's highest office, including these candidates in the Presidential debates pressures the Republican and Democrat candidates to address more diverse issues and points of view. When candidates from smaller parties are allowed to participate in Presidential debates, and are allowed to directly confront the major candidates before a national audience with tough questions, and/or fresh new ideas it forces the Democratic and Republican candidate to, in some cases, even adopt those ideas into their campaign.

The last time a third party candidate was allowed to participate in the Presidential debates was back in 1992, when Reform Party Presidential nominee, Ross Perot, debated Fmr. Presidents Clinton and Bush Sr. Although Mr. Perot had little chance of winning the election, his insistence upon discussing the national trade deficit; an issue neither Bush or Clinton were comfortable with; eventually forced both major party candidates to adopt, and even take a stance on the issue. The world and the nation were watching, so there was no room for the major party candidates to avoid the issue after persistent pressure from Mr. Perot.

Since that debate, Washington has zipped the Presidential debates, in all practicality, shut. It now takes literally, tens of millions of dollars and signatures for a Presidential candidate to enter the race and mount a challenge to the two major parties' candidates, and we believe this is wrong. It has resulted in a series of Presidential debates each election year where only two candidates, a Democrat and a Republican, discuss pre-agreed upon issues while other issues that most Americans would like to see them weigh in on are ignored because of the low "comfort factor" associated with those issues.

Regardless of the individual and ideological differences our members may have with each other, we have agreed to set those aside for this particular purpose. We would like to return our nation back to a day when anyone who met the general qualifications for the nation's highest office could realistically become the President someday if they had a reasonable number of backers and a platform. Under today's system, to have any chance at all, you must be a wealthy politician with the full backing and endorsement of one of the two major parties.

By standing together as one, in solidarity as patriotic Americans, our hope is to send a clear message to Washington and the mainstream media to let them know the time has arrived for them to allow the voices of all Americans to be heard in the Presidential debates. While forcing third party candidates into the debates may not be the cure, it is certainly a great step forward to having the voices of "average America" heard again.

As a team, we can regain control of our Government.


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  How to join - Alliance Rules

1. You must have a blog, or a website.

2. You should provide a hotlink on the front page of your blog, or website, with a link back to this main page for the American Bloggers For Inclusive Debates where the main blogroll for the Alliance will be continously displayed. Just click HERE to get the codes, then you can just cut and paste it into your sidebar or front page (refresh browser if the text doesn't display correctly). There are instructions on the codes page.

3. You should either choose to display links to all member sites manually, and/or you can opt to display the Alliance's auto-generated Blogrolling code (recommended) somewhere on your blog or website, preferrably on the front page, but this is not necessarily mandatory.

We highly recommend you place the codes on your front page to give better traffic and visibility to your fellow Alliance members, but it is not necessarily mandatory to do it this way. Instructions for placing the blogroll auto-generated script code can also be found on our "Codes" page.

4. Before being accepted for membership in our alliance, you must have entered the codes as detailed above and in our "Codes" page. Once you have completed these steps, email us and we will email you back as soon as possible to let you know when/if your blogroll membership has been approved, and that your blog has been added to the Alliance's blogroll.

5. Feel free to steal this image and place it on your home page, too (look for instuctions on the Codes page)...

6. Welcome aboard!

More questions?

Return to our home page or email us.

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We believe ALL Americans must be represented in our important, national debates. We intend to force our Republican and Democrat leaders to answer the tough questions and debate the tough issues that only 3rd party candidates have the guts to address in our national elections. Visit for more information and join our alliance now!

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