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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
  ATTENTION: Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians; ALL Americans

Listen up! This could be the most important blog you've ever visited...

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American bloggers: We need your help.

Help us to clean up Washington DC!

Force the major party candidates to weigh in on the key issues in the Presidential debates that may not be very "comfortable" for them to discuss!

Take your Democratic, or Republican Party back from the greedy, self-serving politicians!

For third party Americans; have your candidate heard in the debates, and perhaps, even elected to the nation's highest office!

"The narrowness of the presidential debates, their scripted nature, is the source of their lack of vitality and credibility. Including significant independent and minor party candidates is a critical aspect of democratizing the debates and broadening our national dialogue. The American public has made it clear they want broadness and inclusion."

- Former Congressman Tim Penny

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We believe ALL Americans must be represented in our important, national debates. We intend to force our Republican and Democrat leaders to answer the tough questions and debate the tough issues that only 3rd party candidates have the guts to address in our national elections. Visit for more information and join our alliance now!

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  • Join us in supporting free speech of ALL reasonable candidates in our Presidential elections by opening the debates to ALL major party candidates!

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