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Sunday, March 19, 2006
  Let's Get The Debate Going

Are you tired of hearing the same old talking points and distraction politics from todays career politicians? Does gay marriage really keep you up at night? Does the thought of a woman somewhere having an abortion really change the fabric of your daily life? Are you so incensed with TV's envelope pushing that you feel Congress needs to spend time studying the content of programming? Or would you rather put aside all of these partisan hot button issues and focus on the real travesties facing us today?

American Bloggers for Inclusive Debates is a group of political writers who are tired of nonsense being passed off as the burning crisis of the day. When you have real issues that need to be discussed openly and honestly...issues like ending the war in Iraq and making health care more affordable and restoring the checks and balances of our government...do you really want to let politicians decide what is or isn't important in this country? Or do you, the American Citizen, under whose name all government is disposed to act, do you want to set the real agenda? It is your right to do so. It is your duty to do so as well.

Welcome to American Bloggers for Inclusive Debates. As an initial goal, we'd like to develop a core list of issues that should dominate the public debates. Issues that are important to the people of this country, not just issues that are driven forward by corporations or special interest groups or politicians who need to change our focus. What are the things that worry you most? What problems would you like to see addressed and solved?

Making a list is only the first step though. Honestly, it's likely to be filled with issues that have been given time before, and between Democrats and Republicans, we've already heard what the party talking points say. That is where the "Inclusive" part of our name comes in. It's time to invite a few other voices to the table. Third party representatives and independent candidates like myself. It's time to hear some ideas that aren't pulled from the pages of the party playbooks. In some cases, a new way of thinking about things.

So toss out some debates you'd like to hear. Or bring up some current ones. We can debate them here or we can push for our topics to be addressed by candidates everywhere by spreading the word. And we can insist on including all candidates into local and national debates, if for no other reason than to force the major parties to look at things from another perspective or even (gasp) with a sense of honesty and without their usual cynacism. Let's get that list started.

So join the team who is calling for inclusive, effective, rational debates among all candidates. Join American Bloggers for Inclusinve Debates today.

-by Ken Grandlund
Yes, gay marriage really keeps me up at night. . . the thought of a woman somewhere having murdering her baby at an abortion clinic really changes the fabric of my daily life, and I am so upset at the direction the media is going and the fact that TV is pushing the envelope that I feel Congress needs to spend time studying the content of programming and creating a censorship program that does not allow the crap on TV that is getting on the airwaves. Health care is affordable enough, and their are programs like Medi-Cal to assist the low income with children, etc...The war in Iraq is being won - it's the idiot liberals that want to make it a bigger issue than it needs to be, the issue to worry about is how to stop radical Islamism from annihilating the state of Israel, and from continuing to bring Jihad to the United States.
Natural choices for debate should include national defense, national security, immigration, visa issues, outsourcing, healthcare, education, corporate governance and many more.

But an often ignored issue is how the three branches of government operate. For instance, what good is the primary task of the legislative branch if the executive fails to enforce the laws that are passed. Also, Presidential Signing Statements rather quietly influence and sometimes circumvent the spirit of laws enacted.

And the Judicial branch without mentioning hot button 'activist' judge issues, is not well served by the other two branches when historically they try to fill the bench with partisan judges. Everyone seems to take it in stride that it is okay to confirm judges based on partisan bias when they of course should be as objective as humanly possible.

I could go on but you probably have heard enough.

Stanford Matthews
Blog @ MoreWhat.com
Americans and Iraqis are interconnected by events over the past five and a half years. It's not enough to say you support "victory" or "ending the war" in Iraq, we want to know what you plan to do -- specifically -- to help millions of Iraqis who desperately need humanitarian relief and protection. In addition, what do you see as America's moral and international obligation to the people of Iraq?
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