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Sunday, February 12, 2006
  Who are we and why should YOU join ASAP?
Who we are:

We are frustrated, average Americans who post regularly on a blog. We are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, Reformers, and other third party supporters; political affiliation has no bearing upon one's acceptance for membership.

Some of us may simply be trying to send our beloved, Democratic and/or Republican Parties a crystal clear message to start representing we, who've elected them into power. Others members may belong to third parties and their interest may be to put their own party representatives into power; whatever each member's personal agenda for joining might be, it is no business of the alliance as a body.

Even though there is little chance of a third party candidate being elected to the nation's highest office, including these candidates in the Presidential debates pressures the Republican and Democrat candidates to address more diverse issues and points of view. When candidates from smaller parties are allowed to participate in Presidential debates, and are allowed to directly confront the major candidates before a national audience with tough questions, and/or fresh new ideas it forces the Democratic and Republican candidate to, in some cases, even adopt those ideas into their campaign.

The last time a third party candidate was allowed to participate in the Presidential debates was back in 1992, when Reform Party Presidential nominee, Ross Perot, debated Fmr. Presidents Clinton and Bush Sr. Although Mr. Perot had little chance of winning the election, his insistence upon discussing the national trade deficit; an issue neither Bush or Clinton were comfortable with; eventually forced both major party candidates to adopt, and even take a stance on the issue. The world and the nation were watching, so there was no room for the major party candidates to avoid the issue after persistent pressure from Mr. Perot.

Since that debate, Washington has zipped the Presidential debates, in all practicality, shut. It now takes literally, tens of millions of dollars and signatures for a Presidential candidate to enter the race and mount a challenge to the two major parties' candidates, and we believe this is wrong. It has resulted in a series of Presidential debates each election year where only two candidates, a Democrat and a Republican, discuss pre-agreed upon issues while other issues that most Americans would like to see them weigh in on are ignored because of the low "comfort factor" associated with those issues.

Regardless of the individual and ideological differences our members may have with each other, we have agreed to set those aside for this particular purpose. We would like to return our nation back to a day when anyone who met the general qualifications for the nation's highest office could realistically become the President someday if they had a reasonable number of backers and a platform. Under today's system, to have any chance at all, you must be a wealthy politician with the full backing and endorsement of one of the two major parties.

By standing together as one, in solidarity as patriotic Americans, our hope is to send a clear message to Washington and the mainstream media to let them know the time has arrived for them to allow the voices of all Americans to be heard in the Presidential debates. While forcing third party candidates into the debates may not be the cure, it is certainly a great step forward to having the voices of "average America" heard again.

As a team, we can regain control of our Government.


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This is just never going to happen unless you elect people other than Republicams and Democrats to congress. They make the laws amd they like things the way they are.
Dr John, without you on the blogroll, you are right - it's never gonna happen. Why you aren't on the blogroll surprises me frankly. You ought to be on it because you most certainly have the same disgust with the Dem and Rep parties as the rest of us do.

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We believe ALL Americans must be represented in our important, national debates. We intend to force our Republican and Democrat leaders to answer the tough questions and debate the tough issues that only 3rd party candidates have the guts to address in our national elections. Visit for more information and join our alliance now!

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