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Sunday, February 12, 2006
  How to join - Alliance Rules

1. You must have a blog, or a website.

2. You should provide a hotlink on the front page of your blog, or website, with a link back to this main page for the American Bloggers For Inclusive Debates where the main blogroll for the Alliance will be continously displayed. Just click HERE to get the codes, then you can just cut and paste it into your sidebar or front page (refresh browser if the text doesn't display correctly). There are instructions on the codes page.

3. You should either choose to display links to all member sites manually, and/or you can opt to display the Alliance's auto-generated Blogrolling code (recommended) somewhere on your blog or website, preferrably on the front page, but this is not necessarily mandatory.

We highly recommend you place the codes on your front page to give better traffic and visibility to your fellow Alliance members, but it is not necessarily mandatory to do it this way. Instructions for placing the blogroll auto-generated script code can also be found on our "Codes" page.

4. Before being accepted for membership in our alliance, you must have entered the codes as detailed above and in our "Codes" page. Once you have completed these steps, email us and we will email you back as soon as possible to let you know when/if your blogroll membership has been approved, and that your blog has been added to the Alliance's blogroll.

5. Feel free to steal this image and place it on your home page, too (look for instuctions on the Codes page)...

6. Welcome aboard!

More questions?

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Is there a reason why my blog Athene Biz has been removed from the list? I m the one who even made the logo with the flag. sheesh
This comment has been removed by the author.
My blog, TexasFred’s, was removed too, and I sent an email requesting to be reincluded and to add the Reject the U.N. blog as well...

All my blog rolls for the TexasFred’s blog can be found here: Blog Rolls Displayed Here and the Reject the U.N. blog has all rolls displayed in the sidebar...

Please let me know if this is acceptable to you or not, if you don't want my sites on the roll, cool, I'll remove the roll from my sites...

Hi... can change athene.biz on the list to athene.us?

thank you

Any idea when we'll go up on the blogroll? We've had the rolls up on our site for weeks now.

We're still not on it.


Please let us know.
It sounds like a good cause, but we'd like to be included.

Hey folks.

Hope all is well.

I think the blogroll logo should be working by now.

Let me know when I'm added.

you may feel free to email me at swtolbert@hotmail.com

my blog is at


Thanks so much for your time.

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